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SoSe 2017 - Projekt “Optimismus” - Jule Helene Leinpinsel

The chlorella algae is a quite underestimated future organism. Chlorella offers solutions for many areas of our lives. `algaQua´ is a lit up carafe device, designed for growing chlorella, a microalgae. This undemanding algae requires nothing but water, light and CO2 to grow. While exp anding quickly, it metabolizes these substances into v itamins, amino acids, fatty acids and oxygen.

Additionally to obtaining a high amount of nutrients, chlorella is said to have the ability to absorb toxins and transpor t them out of the body. The algae-water can be harvested daily by pouring out the water from into a glass. It is ready to drink! Besides of being a potent source of nutrients, chlorella is a potential resource for creating alternative fuel, power, heat and bioplastics. It requires little space, is fast growing and unlike soy and corn, does not compete with food production.

Wer wir sind

Das BIOLAB ist eine Arbeits- und Forschungsumgebung, die Studierenden der Kunsthochschule Kassel und der Universität Kassel die Möglichkeit bietet, sich gestalterisch, künstlerisch und wissenschaftlich mit lebenden Organismen auseinanderzusetzen.
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